Script Fonts: How to Use Them to Create Your Logo

Script Fonts: How to Use Them to Create Your Logo

One of the most important components of your logo is the font. With thousands to choose from, it can be difficult to find the one that best represents what you have in mind for your brand image. Have you considered using a script font? After introducing various serif and sans-serif typefaces, let's see how you can use script fonts when creating your logo.

What is a script font?

Script fonts, also known as cursive fonts, are a type of typography strongly inspired by handwriting. They're easy to recognize as the letters are often attached. As a result, they stand out from other types of fonts, such as those with serifs.

Despite what you might think, many companies have opted for script fonts when creating their logos. Among the best-known brands are Coca-Cola, Cadbury and Ford.


What are the advantages of using a script or handwriting typeface?

There are many reasons why it might be worthwhile to use a script font for your logo and branding. Here are just a few of them.


A little more informality

As we've mentioned, when you use a script font for your text, it gives the impression that it's been written by hand. As a result, it can give your logo a more informal feel, especially if you're banking on values like trust or accessibility.


A way to stand out and be different

You've probably noticed that few companies use script fonts for their logos. If you're in a field with many competitors, using this type of font could be a way to stand out, while looking friendly.


A retro and vintage touch

On the other hand, fonts with a more handwritten look have been widely used in recent decades. Just think of Coca-Cola and Ford, companies that have been around for over a hundred years. Retro is also currently an important trend for logos, so script fonts could be exactly what you need.


Showcase your bold personality

One thing's for sure, cursive fonts are more fun than serif fonts most of the time. It's the perfect opportunity to show off your personality and values, to look less serious or beige. There are also many different fonts with different looks. There's sure to be one that represents you well.


Tips for using a script typography for your logo

Now that you know the advantages of using script fonts, here are a few tips on how to make the most of them when creating your logo.


Perfect for fancy signature logos

Among the most common types of logos used by companies are signature logos. These logos are composed solely of the company's name, often the name of a person. So, if your name is the main component of your logo, using a handwritten font like script will remind you of your handwritten signature. It's up to you to find the typeface that most closely resembles your handwriting.


Check readability

One of the downsides of cursive fonts is that they're not always the easiest to read. So, if you're interested in a more handwritten typography, consider choosing one that remains easily legible despite all the decorative components. It would be a shame to have the best products and icons for your logo, but no one can decipher the company name.


Think of another font for the slogan

Similarly, if you want to add a slogan to your logo or write content for your website, it's best to opt for a different typeface if you're already using a script font in your logo. The reason is simple: it has to be easy to read. If need be, take a look at our tips for combining different fonts.


Some examples of good and elegant script fonts

If you're more of a visual person and want to see some concrete examples, we've found five examples of interesting script fonts that can be used in the FreeLogoDesign editor.



Just because you choose a script font doesn't mean it has to be complex and extravagant. What we particularly like about the Calligraffiti font is that it's simple, delicate, and elegant all at the same time.

Script Font Example - Calligraffiti

Grand Hotel

Among the most popular script fonts is Grand Hotel. Because the letters are straight, and it has a clean, professional feel. It's a great font to use if you want to launch a food-related business, but still have a retro, friendly feel.

Script Font Example - Grand Hotel

Kaushan Script

If you're looking for a script font with a personality that uses the cursive side sparingly, Kaushan Script is probably the typeface for you. There's plenty of detail on the letters, giving it a more dynamic look.

Script Font Example - kaushan script


If you want to dive straight into retro, and more specifically into the 1950s, take a look at Pacifico. It's a thicker alternative to Grand Hotel that has just as much of that friendly, comforting feel.

Script Font Example - Pacifico

Petit Formal Script

Finally, if you're looking for a more distinguished look, we recommend Petit Formal Script. This elegant font can suggest that you're selling luxury products. As well, it's easy to read, which is a plus for a cursive font.

Script Font Example - Petit Formal Script

In conclusion, script fonts are an option to consider when it comes to creating your logo. They can certainly help you stand out from the competition while helping you show your values. This typeface also has an old-fashioned, delicate, and feminine feel that could be perfect for many types of business. If need be, check out our tips on creating a retro-style logo, and don't hesitate to try out several fonts to find the one that best suits your needs.

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