How Can UX Design Improve Your Design Logo?

How Can UX Design Improve Your Design Logo?

The logo is by far the most important brand identifier. According to research, 75% of consumers recognize a brand by its logo with other identifiers being visual style (60%), brand color (45%), and unique voice (25%). Naturally, companies invest a lot of time and thought into designing their logos.

But your brand logo is not the only design you should be paying a lot of attention to. Your official website is like the face of your brand – it is the first thing a lot of customers will see. That’s why the UX design of your website matters so much. Interestingly, your UX design could potentially help you improve your brand logo design.

Importance of Good Logo Design

Your brand’s logo design is one of the most important things in your branding strategy. Not only is the logo the element that helps customers recognize your brand, but it also represents your company as a whole. That’s why it can be difficult to create just the right logo for your brand – it has to be something that summarizes your entire business in a single symbol.

Unique brand logos can grab the attention of potential customers and prompt them to find out what the brand is about. They can already make a strong impression that will become the foundation for the opinion the customers form about your brand. And opinions matter as they could lead to stronger relationships between you and the customers.

Moreover, customers expect brands to have original logos that represent their identities. If you have a boring logo with a poor choice of colors and an outdated design style, customers might think that your company is stuck in the past. And if your logo looks similar to other brand logos, it could be easily confused with them which will decrease brand awareness.

Importance of Good UX Design

Website UX design is also important for your brand though in a different way. As mentioned earlier, your website is the face of your brand as it is often the first thing customers see. This is why it should be designed well and have all the necessary content and information that could be useful to your potential and current customers.

Speaking of content, if your website is designed well yet lacks content, you may want to hire experienced writers from the best essays writing services to help you create your web texts. If you work with professionals, you can be sure that all your website content will be written with your target audience in mind and will meet all your requirements for it.

But back to your website UX design. UX stands for user experience – and it’s quite telling. Your customers should be your number one priority, so when you are designing your website, you need to make it as comfortable for them to use as possible. From visuals to navigation – every aspect of your website should be designed with the end user in mind.

The Connection Between Logo Design and UX Design

Though your brand logo design and website UX design may seem like they are worlds apart, they are actually connected to a degree. Your brand logo will be displayed on your website as it is a critical element of your branding. On the other hand, a potential customer who sees your brand logo and gets intrigued by it might decide to check out your website.

In this regard, both your brand logo and website will make an impression on potential customers. If you design your website in a smart way, you could integrate your brand logo into it in a more unique fashion. This will elevate your website’s UX design while also giving your brand logo even more power (when viewed on your website).

Best Practices for UX Design

How do you make the most of your UX design? And how can you integrate your brand logo into it more effectively? Here are some best practices to try:

Work with a team of different professionals to plan your website (if designing it from scratch). You can already hire expert writers from the writing service TrustMyPaper to plan your website content. By creating a structure for your website beforehand, it will be easier to actually create it.

Understand the end user’s perspective. Try things out yourself by testing your website and browsing it. If you see that something isn’t working or seems complicated to use, then you should probably get rid of it or improve it.

Be consistent with anything and everything you add to your website. From the color scheme to the action buttons – everything has to follow some kind of logic that you should agree on with your team during the planning stage.

Focus on navigation as it will define the experience most customers will have on your website. The pages you create need to have a purpose and have to be easily accessible. Moreover, any internal or external links you add should improve the user experience.

Best Practices for Logo Design

Lastly, here are some things you can do specifically to your brand logo design to improve it:

Make it simple yet memorable. There is no need to go overboard with your logo design as complexity doesn’t always equal uniqueness. That’s why it’s best to go with something simple that customers will easily remember.

Give it your own spin. Even if you are using a design element that is often used in brand logos, you could still make it original by having your own take on it that will be reflective of your company’s identity.

Go for timeless and versatile designs. You don’t want to be changing your logo every few years. Of course, you will probably have to redesign it at some point in the future if your company lasts for decades, but you still need to look for something timeless in the current context.

Wrapping Up

All in all, designing your brand logo is a serious matter that you should treat as such. Your logo will help you get more exposure and keep brand awareness at a high level. By utilizing your website’s UX design, you could potentially improve your logo design, so use the tips in this article wisely.




About the author:

Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and web design. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.

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