Create a Logo for a Law Office

Create a Logo for a Law Office

Whether you are a young lawyer or have several years of experience, one day you may decide to open your own practice. In addition to having to find customers, you will have to define your brand image to show your credibility. Therefore, here are some tips to create a logo for your law office in a few steps.

Why do law firms need a logo?

To start, why do law firms need a logo? It's simple, a logo represents a company and its values. Since the law has many facets (criminal law, commercial law, family law), a logo can help you show the services offered and your values.

So, if you're opening a firm, a professional-looking logo can help your credibility as a lawyer. By seeing a solid brand image, your potential customers will feel comfortable working with you. We must not forget that law is a very competitive field. Therefore, a representative logo can help you stand out.


How to create a logo for your law office?

When you start, you may not have much money or are drowning in student debt. If you want to create a logo for your law office yourself, here are some steps to get there.

You don't need to spend thousands of dollars on your emblem from the get-go. You need to keep in mind that a simple and flexible logo can be used on different mediums, whether it's for your website or business cards. Your brand image may change over time.


Analyze your practice

First step in creating your logo: take the time to analyze your practice. Every company is unique. Meaning, you have your own strengths, weaknesses, and values. You may also only offer specific legal services. Just because you decide to start your law firm doesn't mean you're going to do all types of law.

Next, consider your target audience and the competition. All these elements will have a direct impact on your logo and brand image. If all the logos of the firms in your sector are gray or black, you can certainly stand out by opting for something more colorful and modern.

Choose a logo type

You probably have an idea of the type of logo you want for your law firm. Some people choose to use only their name or an acronym with the partners' last names, while others prefer a combination of the company name and an icon.

Combined logos are the most used type of logo by businesses in general, but nothing prevents you from choosing another type. It all depends on what you want to showcase. If your name is the most important component, then a signature or combination logo is a good option. 

Think about colors

Just because you're starting a legal business doesn't mean you have to choose gray or black as the main color for your logo. After analyzing your law firm, you probably have an idea of the services you want to offer and your target clientele. You probably already know that colors have meaning. Keep this in mind when creating your logo.

For example, blue is a popular color. Companies catering to a wide audience will often choose this color. A color can help you show your values without having to say anything.

Find the perfect font

If you choose to create a logo consisting of your business name, then you will have to find the perfect font. Like colors, fonts can help you create a precise look. Would Google or Netflix have such a recognizable brand image if they had used a different font?

There are several types of fonts, but let's simplify everything to serif fonts and sans serif. In general, serif fonts give a serious and traditional side to a logo. This can be appropriate if you want to show that your law firm is credible. On the contrary, sans serif fonts are considered modern and accessible. If you want to target a wider or younger audience, you may want to use a sans serif font.

Do different tests

Once you have an idea of the type of logo, font, and colors you want to use, it's time to move on to creating your logo. You can start by drawing or using a logo design software like FreeLogoDesign to do different tests.

Then, when you are satisfied with your work, consider showing your logo to the people around you to get feedback. Remember that a good logo should be simple, representative, unique, flexible and memorable.


Where to find ideas for your law logo

Your practice should be your first source of inspiration when creating your logo. Remember, you need a logo that represents your business, not a competitor's. To help you visualize everything, during your analyses, note keywords that represent what you want to offer.

There are different resources on the web to get inspiration for your logo. You can also look at the logos of existing law firms to see what has already been done. Pinterest can also be great for coming up with different ideas, whether it's for colors, compositions, or fonts. Don't forget to save your favorite pins in different boards.

Law Logo examples - FreeLogoDesign

And you also have the option of finding several existing logo templates directly on FreeLogoDesign. We have more than 2000 different templates that you can use and customize to create your logo. Find them on our Logo Ideas page. Here, you will have access to several templates made especially for lawyers.


In conclusion, just because you start a law office doesn't mean your logo must be a symbol of a scale or mallet. Be creative and stand out from other firms! If you want to create your logo yourself, do not hesitate to take a look at the advice of our experts. Enjoy creating!



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