Creating a Logo: How to Use Negative Space

Creating a Logo: How to Use Negative Space

In recent years, one of the interesting trends in logo creation is the use of negative space. Even though this method has been around for many years, it is a way of doing things that can help you create a logo that is both modern and minimalist. So, let's look at how to use negative space when creating your logo.

What is negative space?

To begin, what is negative space? According to its official definition, it is the area around and between the parts of an image. In other words, negative space is the background, whether transparent or colored. The trend in using negative space is to use the background purposefully when creating a logo. By playing with negative space, you can insert icons and even a secret message.

As mentioned above, logos created with negative space are one of the popular trends for 2023. So, this is something to consider if you're looking for ideas to create a logo this year.


What to keep in mind when creating?

The first aspect of logos that have negative space is that they are simple. By playing with the background, you can add icons or details while keeping a minimalist look. Obviously, you have work to do to achieve this result.

First, think about the different icons. Most of the time, logos using negative space are composed of two icons. The second icon is often smaller and placed in a specific place to convey a specific message. You will have to find the perfect icons to achieve what you have in mind. You will have to juxtapose the icons so that everything looks natural. Letters may also be used as needed.

Then there are the colors. Again, logos created from negative space are composed of maximum three colors, two being preferable. Play around with the background color to create a shape, making sure you have sufficient color contrast.

Finally, remember that all components must represent your company well. Think about your message. A logo must be representative. This is its first job. A common example is using a component of an icon to represent your place of origin. This may include using the outline of the shape of your country.


How to use negative space in FreeLogoDesign?

You can easily use negative space when creating a logo with FreeLogoDesign's editor. First, find the icons you want to use (we have thousands!) or shapes, and then juxtapose them in a way that represents your business well.

If components of your main icon are colored, you can change their color to the background color by clicking on them and selecting the appropriate color. Obviously, be sure to use the same color codes to have the desired effect. You can also make components transparent.

As well, you can also change the order of the components of your logo, such as putting one component in the background and another in the foreground. To do this, simply click on the editing options located at the top right when you create your logo.

Free Logo Design Negative Space Template

In this example, the background color is reused to create the zebra's stripes. It is not necessary to create something complicated to highlight the negative space, on the contrary.

Also, some logo templates created by the FreeLogoDesign team already make use of negative space.

Some examples of logos using negative space

Negative space has been used for several years to create company logos. Here are three examples to help you see more clearly and find the inspiration you need to create your logo. 


Fedex Logo

Let's start with one of the most famous logos using negative space: FedEx. To succeed in a playing with negative space, the result must be clever as in the case of the FedEx logo. Have you ever noticed the shape between the letters E and X? It is an arrow that blends completely into the look of the logo, regardless of the colors used. It is subtle and very effective.



Toblerone Logo

Another logo known for the clever use of negative space is that of the Swiss company Toblerone. There is a secret icon hidden in the emblem of the mountain. If you look at the logo of this chocolatier more closely, you will quickly notice the presence of a bear. And the bear is not there by chance. It is the symbol of the city of Bern, the place where Toblerone was founded.



Eaton Logo

You can use negative space for logos composed only of the company name. That's exactly what the Irish American energy management company EATON did. They simply positioned the letters to use negative space for the A and O. Whether they use a blue or white background, everything is done so that the name of the company can be easily read.


There are several logos that have been created using negative space. Feel free to search the web if you ever need more inspiration.

In conclusion, since this is an important trend this year, there is a good chance that we will see many new logos using negative space. Negative space is a great ally if you want to create a minimalist logo. Think about your message, find the perfect icons, and then play with the colors to create a logo that will attract attention.



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