How to Create a Well-Designed Website?

How to Create a Well-Designed Website?

It shouldn’t be surprising that your website design is extremely important in 2020. Because that’s how your visitors get their first impression of your brand. And you certainly want it to be positive. That’s why we find it highly essential to teach you how to create a well-designed website on your own with no programming skills needed. No worries, you won’t need any design skills for that.

Why Your Website Design Matters?

Still not convinced that website design is highly important? Check out these eye-opening stats then!

-0.05 seconds is how fast your visitors decide whether they want to stay on your website or leave. 94% of internet users make their first website impression based on its design.

-85% find mobile design as important as the desktop one.

-57% won’t recommend your website if it has poor mobile design. As you can see, it’s essential that your website looks well on all devices.

-75% decide if your company is credible or not based on its website design.

-38% will leave your website if they find its layout and content unattractive.

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Aren’t these arguments persuasive enough? Once you know that design of your website truly matters, let’s find out how to make it great!

Key Elements of Good Web Design

Visuality. As you already know from the stats above, there’s too little time to make an impression on your customers. Don’t waste it then! Make sure your site is visually appealing. So, use your flash intros, animation, and text wisely so that they all look harmonically.   

Navigation. That’s the essential element of a decent web design. Because your customers want to navigate your website intuitively. And they need to easily find what they are looking for. So, don’t stuff your landing page with anything unnecessary to make your visitors frustrated. Instead, make sure your website layout is user-friendly and the menu is accessible and interactive. Since functionality is the key to your website success.  

Interactivity. That’s another super important component of a great web design. It has to hook your visitors and stir their interest all the way through. Make sure to add interactive elements and call to action on your landing pages. But again, don’t overdo and make it annoying because no one likes that. 

Content. Remember Bill Gates’ quote ‘Content is King’? That’s how important it is! Make sure your content is readable and viewable. Avoid good-looking yet unreadable fonts and colors that make your visitors’ eyes gouge out.

Branding. Your site should perfectly represent your company’s identity. That’s why you should be consistent. Make sure to include your company’s logo, ‘About Us’ page, and leave your contact information. That’s how you can increase your visitors’ credibility not just to your site, but also to your brand in general.

SEO. Well, yes. If you are still unaware of Search Engine Optimization, it’s high time for that. Web design is considered really good if it’s loved by Google and other search engines. So, make sure your site is loaded fast and has the right keywords related to your business. That’s how it gets more Google-friendly, therefore, easily searchable by your customers. 

Bad vs Good Web Design

Once you know the essence of good web design, let’s get to practice. That’s how you’ll learn to differentiate between bad and good web design. So that you don’t repeat their mistakes and follow worthy examples instead.

Bad Web Design Example

Even with the unaided eye, you can see how ugly and user unfriendly the site below is. Once you happen to visit it, you want to leave the very same moment. 

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-The website menu is absolutely unreadable and messy, which affects navigation and accessibility of the needed info. 

-There is no logical structure at all.

-The webpage is stuffed with chaotically organized text that is extremely difficult to read.

-The horizontal scroll bar hinders readability since the text is too wide to be read conveniently. 

-Inconsistent use of text color also hinders readability and looks awful. 

-There’s no logo to represent the brand. 

-Images are too small and of low quality. And there are too many of them.

-There are too many incongruous colors.


Frankly speaking, this list can be endless. Just make sure to learn this lesson and never create such an ugly designed site. That’s not the impression you want to make on your site visitors. 

Good Web Design Example

In contrast, here is a good example of site design. It looks visually appealing, so you have no reason to leave it. 

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-The very moment you visit the website, you get a clear understanding of what it’s about. 

-The CTA buttons are at the right place.

-All the needed info is easily accessible.

-The logo gives you a clear understanding of the brand.

-There’s a beautifully designed and high quality graphic that clearly renders the company’s niche. 

-The text is well-structured and readable. 

-There’s no information overload.

-The colors are perfectly matching.

This list could also be endless. The main point is that you can get aesthetic pleasure from this web design. That should be your main goal while creating your site and planning its design. 

Any idea why this site design is so great? It was created on Weblium website builder with in-build smart design supervisor. In fact, it’s really easy, so you can do it too! 

Create Your Own Website with Good Design

Remember we promised to teach you to create a well-designed website on your own? Now is the time.

If you have never ever created a website on your own, you might think it’s really difficult, time consuming, and skills demanding. Fortunately, you have come across this article, so all these myths will be dispelled in a matter of minutes.

Have you ever heard of website builders? These are special online tools that let you build your own website without any coding and design skills. Can you imagine that?

In fact, there’s quite a bunch of website builders available on the web. One of them is Weblium. It’s an option if you have no experience in website creation since it’s very intuitive, therefore, super easy! 

With promo code FREELOGODESIGN, you will get a 30% discount for either annual or monthly PRO subscription! 

Last month, over a thousand websites were created on Weblium. Why won’t you give it a try too?

Create Your Website 


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