7 new ideas to get your business card kept by others

7 new ideas to get your business card kept by others

Times change but some things stay the same such as the handy, little Business Card. 

Though compact and unassuming, a top-notch business card still holds the power to push your brand, maintain long term relationships and secure your business. 

But how can one be assured that your business card does all this? How can you make it a memorable one that prospective customers, vendors and relevant audiences pick it up readily and act upon when required? 

Here are 7 ideas to ensure your business card is not discarded or worse, forgotten:

1) The Minimalist Business Card

One of best, but often overlooked ways to ensure business card recall is by including the least amount of information required. If you want to stay truly minimal, only that which enables the client to recognize you and your business is required. The one piece of vital information for your business card design is a way to get in touch with you; whether it be your phone number, email address, or website. That’s it.

Less information means there’s less effort required to remember your card. It also looks professional and classy. We recommend that you include an interesting, textured background or material to boost interest but keep the words and coverage limited.

2) Conceptual and Creative Designs

Allow your business card to stand out from the rest by infusing some creativity into it, especially if your profession is a creative one. You may need a design agency to come up with a unique idea on your behalf, but that could be a worthy investment to make. 

Using a distinct concept for your business card portrays your creative expertise and instills trust in your abilities. Thanks to modern technology, there are a host of ideas you can implement. Spot UV coating, embossing, pearl or even scented inks are just a few such suggestions. However, if you wish to take it to the next level, try 3D Printed lithophane cards.  

3) The Vintage Look

In a stack of sleek, tech-inspired business cards, the retro business card is sure to catch the eye. A good mix of rustic and modern will likely do the trick. Choose a vintage background using a new-age material, and just a few words but in an old-style font. 

Make a business card that appeals to a wider target audience if that’s who you’re talking to. Just make sure that the writing is clear and that your company logo matches the theme.  

Another advantage of the rustic look is the usage of recyclable paper which can reflect highly on your brand image. 

4) Luxurious and Royal

The idea here is to make your card so special that no one would dare to throw it out! This, of course, works best if your product or service is an elite one. If a business card looks expensive, then it probably is!

Every ingredient used in this gourmet variety needs to spell luxury. Royal colors such as purple, gold, silver, ivory cream or royal blue are classic. Next, select or purchase a font that matches and lastly, top it all off with some real gold foil. 

A luxurious card will be pleasing to the client you cater to and dazzle others.

5) Optical Art and Texture

Enticing and hypnotic business cards could help you break through the clutter and get noticed like no other. Though it could be a busy background design, you are sure to arrest someone’s attention long enough to communicate your message. 

Optical art business cards are pretty rare as they may not suit every brand. But for the ones from the Technology, Psychology, Design, Photography or even Furniture industries, there are a myriad of ideas that could work. 

To begin with, a fascinating business card that stumps the mind has high chances of being kept purely as a conversation piece the receiver wishes to share. Next, it’s easy to spot and possible to mesmerize into some call for action.

6) Photographs and Headshots  

An image always works, and it gets even better if it’s a photograph of you! In the age of Facebook and Instagram, we don’t need to sell you the value of a high definition capture. Plus, a face on a business card makes it more human and easier to relate to. 

Colorful, bright and playful business cards will always hold a prominent spot in any collection or card holder file. They also occupy a designated place in the mind and are easier to recall. 

You may use a variety of images to produce this lasting effect. Even your people, office, facilities, or product can make your business card more unique.

7) Functional and Interactive Business Cards 

Most business cards perform the primary function of sharing your details to facilitate a connection. But what if your business card was equally useful in some other way? Now, that’s worth remembering!

Many brands have jumped out of the box to brainstorm about how they can add value to their customer before they even experience your product or service. Some use illuminating business cards that can be used as torches, others have detachable parts such as medical strips or cigarette filters, while others made of metal include tools such as a comb, nail file, a ruler or a temperature reader.


We hope that you enjoyed these seven creative ideas to make your business card unforgettable. While some connections will inevitably toss your business card in the nearest garbage bin, others will take a second glance and find your unique design appealing enough to keep! In the ever-evolving area of business cards, it’s important to differentiate yourself enough to stand out and give your card the best chance of surviving. 


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