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5 Logo Design Trends for 2019

Have you noticed that Dunkin Donuts redesigned his well-known logo last year? Is your logo not that up to date and needs to be refreshed? To help you do the redesign of your logo, here are five recommend trends to follow in 2019.

Logo systems / Flexible logos

Many uses can lead to many logo versions. Sometimes, to create a simple logo is not enough, you might need to create a completely different one. You could try to make different versions of your logo: a complete one, one with all elements, one for when you have more space, and the official one. Create also your logo in a shortened way (only keeping the essential aspects) or one with all elements in different positions. Moreover, try to disassemble your logo; you could find compelling creations.

It could be interesting to have a version with a 1:1 ratio that you could use as a Favicon on your website or as your profile picture on social media. Your complete logo can easily be used on your business cards or on a t-shirt for instance!

Bright colors

With Living Coral being announced as the color of 2019, we can say without any doubts that the bright colors trend is still ongoing this year. Dare to integrate audacious and saturated tints to your logo design. You can use them in both typography or icons. You can use contrast by managing to use both bright and dull colors. Bright colors will give your logo a more dynamic and young look, especially if your company needs to be energized.

Serif fonts

Serif fonts have been created to make reading easier. The serifs create an invisible line below the letters; therefore, it is simpler for the eye to follow the line. It was believed for a long time for this reason that serif fonts were only useful for printed and common texts.

Nonetheless, this kind of font is now used everywhere, both on the web or on printings. This 2019 trend defies the recent years' tendency to use sans-serif fonts for logos. It had as a consequence to make them look all similar and without any character. The use of a serif font can give some punch to an aseptic image. Choose fonts like Roboto Slab, Holtwood One SC or Esteban in our editor if you want to try this trend.

Superimposed elements

Another popular trend of 2019 is to superimpose many elements to create inusitate compositions or to add some depth to your logo. To reproduce well this trend, you can play with the superimposed elements opaqueness in order to let appear the element that is below. Try to superimpose some geometrical forms with similar colors, and then play with the opaqueness to hide or show some parts. The effect will certainly be interesting!

PayPal started this trend when they redesigned their logo in 2014. Their logo made up of two superimposed P became one of the most popular icons. Since then, this trend has been in vogue and will probably still be seen in 2019.


The Memphis trend which was popularized in the ’80s in Italy is still relevant today. It stands out for its geometric patterns, its vibrant colors, and for its asymmetrical compositions.  Regarding logo design, you can reproduce this trend by using colors like yellow, light pink or sky blue. Use an asymmetrical composition while opting for geometric patterns such as circles or triangles. Although it is a trend that has been used for years, it will be very popular in the years to come.

In conclusion, it was a quick overview of what logo design will be in 2019. Keep in mind that a logo must always be two things: simple, so it can be easily recognizable to your customers, and timeless, so you do not have to create a new logo each year. Therefore, it is important to not follow all trends strictly and only be inspired by them in order to have a nice and functional logo. Now, what are you waiting for to create your own logo?         

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