Build a powerful social media branding

Build a powerful social media branding

Did you create a new stunning logo? Perfect! Now, it is time to share it everywhere! Create pages for your business on social networks and present your new masterpiece! Social media is ideal to promote your business and establish a community with your users. To succeed in your social media marketing strategy, it's important to build a strong brand across all your communication channels. Here are six tips to strengthen your brand on social networks!

Choosing the right networks

In the first place, it is critical to understand that not all networks are equal and that they all have a different target audience. It is obviously unnecessary to have a page on each social network. In order to reach your target audience, it's important to choose the right networks for your business. Here are some essential guides:

Facebook: This is the most known network, there are more than 2 billion people on Facebook. It is the best way to promote your business. All businesses should at least have a Facebook page.

Twitter: It is the second most used platform, and users are more inclined to follow companies to keep up of news and promotions. If you need to communicate quickly with your users, this is the platform to choose.

Instagram: As it's a photo sharing app, it's primarily for people who work in the creative industry. It is also effective to reach young adults since they make up the majority of users.

LinkedIn: The network to choose when working in B2B or if you want to recruit employees.

Pinterest: Predominantly used by women, it is the social media to select if you work in arts, design, food, fashion or aesthetics.

Keep a consistent look

The most essential point to your branding is consistency, in all aspects of your brand. It starts with the name and appearance of your social pages. In order to be consistent on your profiles, it is important to use the same name (ideally just the name of your business) for each page, as well as to have the same profile picture. To get your logo adapted in all social media sizes, you can consider buying the social media pack when buying your logo. Free Logo Design will provide you with your logo adapted to all formats for social networks.

Tip: If your logo combines an icon (or a monogram) as well as a signature, consider dropping the latter to have a visual more suited to the square format of the profile picture.

Consistent visuals

Another way to be consistent is to have brand guidelines. This term may seem complex, but it is only a document where you state your color palette, fonts, as well as the treatment you chose for your images (whether it is an Instagram filter or a style of images). By implementing this, you ensure consistency in all your visuals.

It is possible to create your own visuals for social media, even without any graphic design knowledge, by using Canva. You can create your own templates for your business or use theirs when creating your images for flawless consistency.

Tip: If you've determined an Instagram filter and always use the same, you can set it at the top of your filter list in your app by a simple drag & drop.

Develop your tone

In addition to the visual aspect of your publications, it is important to consistently use the same tone in your publications. Are you talking to your subscribers in a relaxed or businesslike way? Do you employ a more familiar or supported language? Develop your own tone, which specifically targets your customers. Base it on your corporate values and stay authentic. This is significant to create a relationship of trust with your subscribers.

Then, once that is done, write a catchy biography for your page. Think of it as your elevator pitch; it's your chance to describe your business in a few words to potential customers. It is definitely not to neglect!

Publish relevant content for your users

It may be tempting to post multiple photos in order to get more engagement from your subscribers, but that's not the most effective way to go. Your subscribers may decide to stop following your page if you post too much. What is important is to produce relevant content, with which your visitors will want to engage. Post your news, your achievements or fun content, the important thing is to have a consistent strategy with your target customers and your values.

Be active and responsive

Nevertheless, to remain close to your subscribers, you still need to post regularly. So, establish an editorial calendar and decide how many times per week or per day you will post. Try keeping a regular schedule for your publications, with weekly themes for example.

Another crucial part of developing a bond of trust with your subscribers is to communicate with them. Ask questions in your publications and respond to comments or posts on your page. Social networks are there to build a community with your users, so it's important to engage with them. Therefore, respond to all comments, even the worst, it will show you are a responsive and attentive company!

In short, if you have two things to remember to develop strong branding, it is:

1) consistency

2) authenticity.

If you are authentic to your brand and consistent in all your communications, you will definitely build a powerful brand and community.

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