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4 ways to boost your creativity

You might think that creativity is a characteristic that you are born with. ‘’Either we are creative or we are not creative and there is nothing to do!’’ But you are wrong, yes some people are simply more creative than others, but creativity is something that you can work on, by reading more, writing, and doing some creative exercises for example. In this article, we give you four tips to become more creative on a daily basis.

Read more often

Read more magazines, blog articles, books, whatever you’re into! The important thing is to take the time to read, ideally, daily! Make room in your schedule to read, even if it's only 15 minutes a day on the bus! Read different literary styles to diversify your knowledge. Whether it is related to your field of activity or not, it does not really matter. Reading will increase your knowledge and vocabulary, and will greatly boost your creativity!


Just like reading, writing is also a very effective way of stimulating your creativity. Write on various topics that fascinate you and in different literary styles that inspire you! Bet on diversity to maximize your creativity. If it's something you're interested in, writing a blog is a great way to write regularly while talking about a variety of topics related to your area of work. In addition, it provides several benefits other than stimulating creativity!

Keep a notebook with you

Keep a notebook with you, and in your spare time, scribble or put on paper what goes through your mind at the time. Write lists of ideas or even shopping lists, no matter what's in your mind. Putting it on paper will allow you to free your mind and think of something else. In the same way, scribbling during lost time will also improve your productivity and concentration. For kinesthetic people, this will be even more beneficial since keeping your hands busy will stimulate your brain. Keep all these little sketches, they may be very useful when creating your logo!

Stay open-minded

Be open-minded and accept new experiences that come your way. Visit new places or try new activities, it will be very beneficial for your creative mind. Stay always curious and let yourself be amazed by the novelty! This will prevent you from falling into the routine. Routine brings productivity and not creativity, so if you want to stimulate your creative mind, you have to get away from it! New experiences will allow you to broaden your horizons and bring a new vision of things!

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