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New Year's good resolutions

The new year is upon us, which means it’s the perfect time for good resolutions for your business/sports club/association, etc for 2018! You don’t have any ideas? Here’s a list of good resolutions you should take for your business in 2018! Ready to start?

1. Redesign your logo

If you have recently created your logo, awesome! You can skip this step and move to the 2nd resolution above! Actually, your logo should be timely but sometimes, after a while, it is good to redesign your logo and make some little modifications. Your business is probably not what it was at first, maybe it evolved, or your target market has changed! Be careful though, because a logo redesign could become expensive because yes, creating your logo with free logo design is free, but you may have to re-do your promotional material, business cards, etc. Also, don’t forget to introduce your new logo to your customers!

2. Create brand awareness

Now that you have your logo, it’s time to create brand awareness! You want people to know your business exists! You can use social media or create a website to have a stronger online presence. For your website, we strongly suggest our partner, Create a professional website for free, easily!

3. Form partnerships

Business partnerships are interesting because they allow you to gain visibility and offer your customers the chance to discover complementary products/services, which will help with customer loyalty. Make sure you find businesses that are complementary to yours and find ways to promote each other in ways that are beneficial for both parties.

4. Make more profit

Who doesn't’ want to make more money? Write down your profit goals for 2018 and work to make them happen! There are multiple actions you can take to help you, here are some ideas:

  1. Make sales or special promotions
  2. Build customers loyalty
  3. Organize a Facebook contest
  4. Send out a newsletter
  5. Reward your new customers

Whatever your good resolutions are, we hope you have a prosperous year!

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