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5 tips for a unique logo

We have already talked about the 6 criteria of a great logo, and obviously, the uniqueness of a logo is crucial for it to be successful. To best represent your business, your logo must stand out from the crowd. To help you in your creation, we’re giving you our 5 tips to create a unique logo.

Spy on your competitors

Start by looking at what your competition is doing; what’s working and what’s not.  Note the similarities and differences to have a clear picture of what’s trendy in your activity area. Check the colors, and the fonts that are being used the most. To stand out from the competition, you must be aware of your competitor’s logo, and be inspired by them, but by making it different. The best way to have a unique logo is to create a logo that is modern, timeless and one that stands out.

Tell your story

Your business certainly has a story and values you want to portray through your logo.

Make sure you integrate these elements in your logo: where do you come from, why did you start this business, what makes your different than your competitors, what are your values. These are all questions you can ask yourself and get inspired by the answers to create a unique logo for your business.

Add your own colors

To make sure you have a unique logo, we suggest not to use our templates. Crazy, right? Well, let’s make something clear. You can always start your logo from scratch by adding your own text, icons, colors, etc. and you can also get inspired from one of our templates by modifying almost everything until you get something that is a little more you! Our templates are generic, and are helpful when you have no idea what you want your logo to look like. If you use the templates though, make sure you use your own colors to stand out!

Avoid clichés

A pair of scissors for a hair salon logo, a lightbulb for an electrician, the classic "hipster" badge for a barber salon; it's easy to get into clichés when creating a logo. Several icons and colors can be considered as clichés, depending on your field of activity. However, to ensure that you have a unique logo, it is important to go beyond those clichés. Think and dare to try new ways to showcase your business.

Think simple and flexible

Your logo will be applied to all kinds of surfaces. You must make sure that it is as effective on a business card as well as on a billboard. To do this, the key is simplicity and flexibility. The simpler your logo, the easier it will be to adapt. A complicated logo full of details will not come out well when printed in small sizes,  just as a logo of poor quality will not print well in bigger sizes. Remember that with Free logo design, when you buy a premium logo, you get a vector version of your logo to print it in any format you desire! Easy peasy.

With that being said, we hope your logo creation process is awesome and you are able to create a unique logo for your business! If you need any help, let us know!

Happy logo creation :)

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