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Interview with a graphic designer: Sarah

Creating a logo is not an easy task, because it is the core of your brand image. Luckily, tools like FreeLogoDesign are here to help you! You don’t have the technical skills? No worries, FreeLogoDesign allows you to create your logo in 3 easy steps: select a template, edit and modify your logo and download it. Plus, it’s all for free.

Because we want to help you not only create your logo but also be successful in your area of activity, we asked a few questions to Sarah, a Quebec-based graphic designer about the importance of a logo, logo trends and tips and tricks to create a masterpiece!

Hello Sarah! Tell me a little about the importance of a logo for a business

A logo is extremely important, as it helps represent and enhance your business. It is the graphic representation of your values. It must therefore effectively represent your company and your message, and be easily recognized by your customers. It is therefore important to pay close attention to those factors when you create it.

What is the difference between a brand image and a logo?

A logo is part of the brand image, but a brand image is much more than just the logo. Branding is the way your business is perceived by consumers. It represents the visual identity (your logo, your name and all the visuals associated with your business), your product or services as well as your message. You therefore understand that an effective brand image goes well beyond a beautiful logo, it’s the entire visual aspect of your business.

What do you think is the biggest logos trend in 2017?

Definitely gradients. Since the arrival of the new logo of Instagram, we see gradients everywhere, but especially in the logos. They are really interesting to use with vibrant colors since they give a dynamic tone to a logo that might otherwise be boring.. A gradient can also add dimension to a simpler logo.

Who would you recommend a tool like FreeLogoDesign?

To all entrepreneurs and self-employed, the tool is so easy to use! Actually, the tool is made for everybody! There are so many templates to choose from, FreeLogoDesign can be used by anybody and in any activity field.

Do you have tips and tricks to give our readers about creating logos?

My biggest advice for the creation of logos is to go beyond clichés. Try pushing your ideas a little further to create a unique logo. You can start your creation on paper and make several sketches before using the online tool, which will allow you to find a unique idea for your logo.

Thank you very much Sarah!

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