The Logo Type: Emblem Logo

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Do you know the different types of logos? Do you know what kind of logo you should use for your business? Let's take a closer look at what an emblem logo is, but most importantly how to make it work!

What is an emblem logo?

Let us introduce the emblem logo, also called the symbol logo. It is a relatively simple type of logo. As the name says, it is composed of an emblem. You won't find text in an emblem logo, because if you did, it would be a combination mark logo. This is a type of logo often used by large companies that no longer need to add their name to their logo to be recognized.

When to use an emblem logo?

  • Your business is already well known.
  • You want a simple logo.
  • You want to use an icon or a symbol as the main element of your logo.
As mentioned, emblem logos are mostly used by large companies that have a very strong brand image. That means, they can afford not to put their company name on their logo. It is recommended to have a symbol version of your logo, regardless of the type of logo chosen, as this can help you meet specific needs, such as having a version of your logo for a Favicon.

Some tips to successfully create an emblem logo

Would you like to create an emblem logo with FreeLogoDesign? Here are some tips to get there:
  • Find the perfect icon that will represent your business.
  • Use more than one color as colors can help you send the message you want.
  • Avoid unnecessary details as current trends are minimalism and simplicity.

Some examples of emblem logos

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