The Logo Type: Badge Logo or Coat of Arms

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Do you know the different types of logos? Do you know what kind of logo you should use for your business? Let's look at what a badge logo or coat of arms is, but most importantly how to make it work!

What is a badge or coat of arms logo?

Let's discover the badge logo, also called the coat of arms logo. It is a particular type of logo that often has several elements and is used mainly by companies that have been around for a very long time or who want to emphasize the serious side of their brand. The elements of these logos include icons, text, different colors, or a slogan, and each item on a badge or coat of arms logo has a meaning. A badge or circle are the most commonly used shapes for this type of logo.

When to use a badge or coat of arms logo?

  • You want to emphasize your professionalism and seriousness
  • You are a company that has been around for a long time and want to highlight your creation date
  • You want to add several significant elements to your logo
Badges or coats of arms have been used for a very long time by kingdoms and noble families. The elements on their coat of arms represented not only their region, but also their family values. Currently, this type of logo is widely used by universities like Harvard, companies that have existed for a long time or are luxurious like Porsche, and sports teams like FC Barcelona. It should be noted that newer companies also use this type of logo like Starbucks.

Some tips to successfully create a badge or coat of arms logo

Would you like to create a coat of arms logo with FreeLogoDesign? Here are some tips to get there:
  • Choose items that can be associated with your business and your values.
  • Have a place to add your company's year of creation to your logo.
  • Don't add too much detail to your logo to make it easy to reproduce.
  • Use a geometric shape for the background of your logo.

Some examples of badge or coat of arms logos

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