Create a medical logo

Many fields are associated with people’s health. Regardless of whether you want to create a logo for your dental or doctor’s office, you will need a representative logo related to the health field. Not sure where to start? FreeLogoDesign can help you create the perfect medical logo that meets your needs.

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Create a medical logo
How to create a logo for the health field?

How to create a logo for the health field?

You only need to follow these steps to create a medical logo quickly and easily.

Analyze your business

It is not because you are a dentist that it is mandatory to use a tooth as the main symbol of your logo! The first creation process step is the analysis of your business. What services do you want to offer? Who is your target market? What makes you different from other dental or doctor’s offices? For example, if you are a nutritionist and your target clientele is children, we should be able to feel it when seeing your logo.

Choose the right type of logo

There are many types of logos, and they all have advantages and disadvantages. To help you choose the right type of logo for your health business, ask yourself what elements you want to promote. A wordmark or lettermark logo will be an appropriate option if it is your medical office name. On the contrary, if you want to add an icon, choosing a combination mark, emblem, or badge logo would be better.

Find the elements of your brand image

Your medical logo must be unique and representative. Two essential elements of your brand image are the colors and the fonts. Choose a color palette that will represent your values well. Beware: we do not recommend you use more than three different hues. The fonts also give a specific tone to your logo. For example, serif fonts are more serious and traditional, while sans serif fonts are considered modern and accessible. When you have made your choice, do not forget to note down everything in a brand guide.

Display your logo everywhere

When your medical logo is ready, the last step is to display it everywhere so people can link it to your health business. Of course, it is suggested to display your logo on your website and social media, but do not forget flyers, official documents, promotional materials, and even your employees’ uniforms.

How to create a logo for the health field?
Why choose FreeLogoDesign to create a medical logo?

Why choose FreeLogoDesign to create a medical logo?

FreeLogoDesign is a logo maker that allows you to create logos in just a few clicks. Start by looking at our logo templates, and then customize your creation until you are satisfied. Since our beginnings, thousands of logos have been created with our logo maker, many of which were related to the health field.

Easy to use

One of FreeLogoDesign's greatest strengths is the fact that it is an easy-to-use tool. Once you have chosen your logo template, you can modify the different elements (texts, fonts, colors, icons) by clicking on it.

Many templates available

FreeLogoDesign gives you access to more than 2000 logo templates, of which many are related to the medical, pharmaceutical, and health fields. We are sure you will find one that will meet your needs.

A free logo

As its name suggests, it is possible to create free logos with FreeLogoDesign. Indeed, when you have finished making your logo, you have the option to download a free PNG logo (200 x 200 pixels).

Relevant add-ons

We have many available add-ons to help you create a strong brand image with your logo. For example, you can create business cards, email signatures, and even have social media files for your medical logo.

Why choose FreeLogoDesign to create a medical logo?

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Frequently asked questions about medical logos

Where can I find icons related to the health field?

FreeLogoDesign gives you access to many logo templates and hundreds of medical icons. Whether you are a dentist, pharmacist, or doctor, you only need to click on the Add an icon button to start your research.

Which colors are associated with the medical field?

Many colors are associated with the medical field. First, there is red, which is the color of blood and the color used by the Red Cross. Second, green is also used a lot to represent health. You can choose any color for your medical logo; you only need to remember to select a color representing your health business well.

Where can I find inspiration for my medical logo?

Whether it is for a dentist or doctor’s office, many websites can help you find inspiration. Did you know that FreeLogoDesign has a dedicated page for medical and pharmaceutical logo ideas? Take a look at it!

What should I keep in mind when creating my health logo?

Generally, great logos are simple, unique, representative, memorable, and flexible. Consequently, when creating your medical logo, you should keep in mind to make something that represents your business well and that can be used easily everywhere. Moreover, dare to look different and stand out from the competition.

What symbols are associated with the medical field?

The red or green cross is used frequently to represent the medical or pharmaceutical fields in general culture. Otherwise, the caduceus and the wand of Asclepius (stick with a snake) are also strong symbols of the medical field used since Antiquity. History, legends, and mythology can surely help you create your logo.

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