What Are the Important Elements of a Logo

What Are the Important Elements of a Logo

The logo is one of the first things that people are likely to associate with a brand. With an appealing icon, you can gain the trust of potential customers and earn their loyalty as well. This brings us to the question, what makes a good logo design? There are certain elements that businesses should focus on from the beginning to create a brand symbol that impresses the target audience immediately.

If you have been wondering about the key factors of logo design, then you are in luck! Let’s dive into the most important elements of a logo and how they can help you create a strong visual brand identity.

Brand Personality 

This is one crucial element of a logo that can make or break it. Before you start working on the design or hire a professional, think about the message you want to send to the target audience. How do you want people to perceive the brand? Is it friendly or serious? Professional or entertaining? With such questions, it’s easier to clarify the personality and choose relevant design elements for your logo.

The idea is to create a symbol that represents the business closely and brings out a positive reaction from the audience. Once you are clear about the guidelines, brand message, and personality, you can select a logo style, colors, fonts, shapes, icons or imagery which reflects the values.

Take the example of a brand like Coca-Cola which has a friendly and joyful personality. Its distinct wordmark brings out feelings of happiness and a sense of community in people. Similarly, Adidas sends out a strong message with its three-striped icon that gives the appearance of a mountain as well. It highlights a serious and confident brand personality that inspires the target audience.


coca cola logo

Image Source: Wikimedia 

Logo Style or Type 

In this digital age, there is tough competition so brands need to choose a suitable logotype that stands out instantly and grabs attention on various platforms. When it comes to the elements of a logo, this certainly takes the next spot on the list. 

Take the example of some of the most recognizable brand symbols across the globe. Coca-Cola, Nike or IBM have all gone with logo styles that appeal to their target audience and require a minimal upgrade over time. There are mainly five types which you can choose from according to your requirements: 

Wordmarks- This is just the company or brand name which appears without any icon, shape or imagery. Google’s logo is an example of one of the most popular wordmarks in the world. 

Lettermarks or Monogram- These logos consist of initials or letters which convey the message with typography and relevant fonts. BBC and McDonald’s have both chosen a minimalist symbol to represent the brand. 

Pictorial- It is a type of logo that focuses on a visual or image to tell people about the brand. Twitter’s iconic bird is an example of such a logo and has become widely recognized over time. 

Emblems- This consists of a shield or badge with the company name or slogan. Starbucks has one of the most famous emblems which cannot be missed anywhere. 

Combination Marks- These are widely used by brands and corporations as they combine icons, imagery or lettermarks with the wordmark. Burger King and Taco Bell have opted for combination marks to attract their audience successfully. 


mcdonalds logo

Image Source: Wikimedia

Font And Color Choice 

The fonts and colors can have a strong impact on the audience. In logo design, the meaning of colors is very important and each one plays a role in creating a positive perception of the brand. Similarly, font styles are also one of the most crucial elements of a logo and can tell people whether a brand is modern, traditional or approachable. 

If you consider the colors, it’s essential to choose a combination or create a contrast that sends out the right message. Pepsi has opted for red, white and blue in its logo design which makes people trust the brand and bring out energy or excitement as well. The color white is associated with purity and can have a soothing effect as well. It’s commonly used to create balance as shown in Pepsi’s brand symbol. 

pepsi logo

Image Source: Wikimedia 

When it comes to fonts, you can consider clean and contemporary Sans Serif fonts or choose a decorative Serif style. The New York Times has a widely recognizable wordmark with a creative typeface that instantly stands out in print, the website and social media networks. 

The New York Times logo


Image Source: 


This is one element of logo design that can be easy to miss. When you have an idea for your brand symbol, it is important to make sure that the design is simple and easy to understand from the first look. If there are a lot of icons or colors in the logo, it could end up overwhelming or confusing the audience. So avoid anything complex and create a design that communicates all the relevant information with a few design elements. 

Take the example of Nike’s logo which was introduced in the 1970s and has not gone through any changes. It is a simple swoosh that conveys the brand’s values of reliability, excellence and authority. It is a good idea to stick to a logo design which can be recognized easily among the competitors. 


The logo design needs to be visible and legible in various sizes or across mediums. If the elements or brand name are confusing, people might not be able to recognize the brand easily. So when designing the logo, you should choose symbols and typography that stand out on business cards, letterheads, social media pages and product packaging. 

Consider the brand design of Chanel for example. The company has opted for a clear-cut wordmark with the two interlinked C’s that are recognized instantly. This is one of the best examples of a versatile logo that has remained unchanged since its introduction. 

Chanel Logo

Image Source: Wikimedia 


Most people identify brands with their logos so it’s essential for businesses to create a memorable design that lasts for a long time. Think of any big corporation like Apple, Microsoft or KFC. All of these companies have opted for a visual brand identity design that highlights their brand values and can be recalled instantly. 

When you think of a half-bitten apple, you may remember the brand or its products. This is how a simple and powerful design can impact the audience. Brands that opt for a lot of elements or an elaborate design can find it slightly challenging to connect with a wider audience in the beginning. 


This brings us to the last elements of a logo for now. There are many businesses in various sectors which choose to go with a minimalist wordmark or lettermark that can stay relevant over time. Companies like Shell and Ford have logos which continue to attract their customer base since the decades. The symbol for the oil company was created in 1971 and has remained relevant through the years. 

It’s incredibly important to include symbols or icons that may not lose their meaning. Most designers and businesses focus on creating relevant and timeless logos which stay clear of trends.  

To Sum Up 

These are some of the most important elements of a logo. Try to keep these in mind as you are working on creating your brand icon. Make your choice wisely for colors, icons and fonts which do not lose their meaning over time. The elements can help you boost your brand’s visibility and reach out to a wider consumer base as well. 


About the author: Veronica likes reading, writing, and exploring through her travel. With her freelance guest writing, she hopes to achieve both her passion and career in online content marketing. She writes on topics like business, advertising, and digital marketing.


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