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What to Do After Your Logo Has Been Created

You've created your great looking logo with FreeLogoDesign and you're proud of it. It is now time to show everyone! You may have spent several hours creating this logo, so it's important to reveal it in the right way. Take the time to finalize your logo and think about the surrounding environment. Follow our tips on how and where to publish your new logo.

Where to Reveal it

The first place you may want to publish your new logo is probably on your social networks since it's the easiest to change. However, make sure you are really ready to adopt this new logo and send it out everywhere before putting it on your social networks. Prepare your visuals for all your social networks and publish them at the same time. It's important to change all your social networks at the same time so that your communication stays consistent. By doing this, your visitors will be able to develop an attachment to your brand more quickly. Make sure you always have the same profile picture across all social networks. That way your users will find it easier to recognize you. Also, make sure your logo is in all the right formats to publish it on social networks, to do this you can use our add-on "Social". For only a few dollars, you'll have a host of files ready to publish on any social network.

In addition to changing your social networks, it's important to update your website and stationery. Or, maybe this is your first logo and you have to create your website and official documents. In this case, take a look at our partners WebSelf and Moo who can help you launch your new logo.  Alternatively, check out Pixajoy for personalized products that could further highlight your personal branding. 

How to Introduce it

If you create a new logo, it may be worth explaining it to your customers. For example, if you put your new logo in a social media post first, consider including a short explanation as to why you chose the new logo. If you have a blog, it may be worth writing an article about the process of creating your new logo. You will be able to explain to your customers the creative process behind the new logo.  If you do an overhaul of an existing logo, you can show the evolution of this logo in a video or animation to explain the changes.

Once you have completed your logo, that is not the end of your journey. Your brand will continue to grow and evolve. After the logo is done you can work on the visual identity of your business. First, if you have not decided on typography associated with your brand, start there. You will be able to develop a brand identity by consistently using the same typography. Then you can create different visuals on social networks using the same colors and the same graphical environment. The Canva application and Design Wizard are very useful for creating visuals. Also, consider creating a second version of your logo. Consider a more simple version in order to display it nicely in small areas like in favicon or on a professional card.  

In addition, if you want to make a change to your logo, you can always return to FreeLogoDesign editor. Whether changing the color or changing the font, the editor is always available for free.

In short, one thing to remember is that creating your logo is only the beginning. You also need to keep these guidelines in mind, focus on evolving, growing and defining your brand identity. Happy creating!

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