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How to create a sucessful redesign of your logo

A logo redesign is not something to be taken lightly, but thankfully it's not something you will have to do every year. However, it is good to take the time to revisit your logo from time to time, to make sure it is up to date and still effective. Sometimes a few detail changes are enough to ensure you have an amazing logo!


Changes in the company

You created your logo at the very beginning, maybe your business wasn’t what it became. If the business has evolved, the logo should too. Perhaps you do not have the same values or mission than when you started, and because your logo is your company’s image, it must represent it.

Target audience change

A company is always changing. If there have been changes in the company's values or mission, your target customers have probably changed as well, and maybe your logo is no longer appropriate. Since the logo is a visual representation of your business, it needs to be changed to reflect the changes in your business and always embody the values of your business to engage your target customers.

Your logo is old-fashioned

One of the important features of a logo is that it has to be timeless. If it isn’t the case and your logo looks like it’s stuck over the years, it will have a negative effect on your brand image. Your customers will have a bad impression of you, that's why you need to create a logo that ages well.


Change or start again?

Is the logo often being misunderstood? Has there been a major change in the business? Has your logo become completely obsolete? If so, perhaps it deserves a complete metamorphosis. Otherwise, maybe only a few small adjustments can be enough.

Define the remaining elements

Now, you’ve defined that you want to start over or just modernize the logo. Even if you want to start the logo over, you have to select some key elements that will have to stay. Whether it's colors, guidelines, font, you need to keep some details to ensure good recognition from your customers.

Simplify without losing personality

Try to modernize and simplify your logo during a redesign. It must be brought up to date. On the other hand, we must also keep the essence of the logo and the company; your business's personality needs to change. Sometimes, when trying to modernize a logo, it can easily be misrepresented.

Happy logo creation!

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